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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) advocated using ignition interlocks for convicted drunk drivers for many years. They’ve been convincing the public that this specific technology is the most effective tool in preventing accidents caused by drunk driving. It can also used for DWI.


The ignition interlocks small devices which are hard-wired into vehicles driven by drunk driving offenders. These devices hinder the vehicles from starting despite repeated attempts by drunk drivers or by someone if their blood-alcohol level is higher than allowed limits.


In 2016, in a bid to reinforce their claims, MADD conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the system. The results were both alarming and encouraging. MADD collected data from 11 ignition interlock makers and discovered that the interlocks prevented 1.77 million attempts to start the vehicles while being drunk. This is despite the fact that these devices are still not hugely popular. The following year, the interlocks stopped another 350,000 attempts.


As part of their ongoing campaign, MADD has been working relentlessly to convince every state to enact ignition interlock laws for every person charged with a DWI.

MADD Launching

Today, every state has some form of ignition interlock law in force. When MADD first launched their movement, only the state of New Mexico had an all-offender ignition interlock law. Now, thanks to the embolden message of MADD. The District of Columbia alongside 28 states have implemented ignition interlock laws for intoxicated offenders, who have a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or more after committing their first conviction.


MADD is encouraging other remaining states to pass similar bills. Also, works in providing assistance to every state in amending their existing laws to incorporate the use of technology to prevent drunk driving accidents.


MADD wants other to support to create a nation of “No More Victims” by promoting the use of existing technologies. Also, in accordance with law enforcement efforts to prevent drunk driving tragedies.

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