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Boating While Intoxicated In Texas Law – Getting A BWI

A BWI means boating while intoxicated.  According to the Texas Penal Code, Section 49.09, the legal definition of a BWI is an individual committing a crime of operating a watercraft while in the state of intoxication.  A BW is a class B misdemeanor and carries minimum...

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What To Do After Being Charged With DWI In Texas?

The consequences of DWI are serious in terms of what it does to your family and career. It is possible that you’ve been charged with DWI and not sure what to do next. Truth be told, the DWI process is not as complicated as what most people think. But, it is important...

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Difference Between A DUI And DWI In Texas

Many people confuse with the terms of DWI and DUI given the fact they’re applied interchangeably. However, to be exact, they do not necessarily mean the same things. DWI refers to ‘driving while intoxicated’ whereas, DUI is the acronym for ‘driving under the...

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